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Security & Fraud Prevention

Business account fraud is on the rise, statistics show U.S. Businesses will lose on average 5% of gross revenues to fraud. At WaFd Bank we believe prevention is the best approach. Below are some of the solutions available to help protect your business.

WAFD Treasury Prime Plus

WAFD Treasury Prime Plus is a restricted use web browser that functions as a secure gateway to predesignated websites.

Authorized users will be able to perform online business operations securely by enveloping the entire browser experience within a state of the art, layered security system.

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Positive Pay

Prevent fraud before it happens with WaFd Bank's Positive Pay options.

Check Positive Pay

How does it work? By providing a file of checks issued, the positive pay system will compare checks clearing your account to the list of items issued. Whether you are using Payee Positive Pay or Traditional Positive Pay, item validation at the teller window is included, stopping fraud before it occurs.

ACH Positive Pay

You set the rules. As ACH items are presented, you determine if the item is ok to pay. Set your rules for one-time transactions or recurring. Have an account which should not receive electronic payments? Let us know and we can block all electronic items from posting to your account.

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